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The Urban Archaeology of the Crossrail Project

Crossrail passes through the heart of the West End of London and along the north edge of the Roman and Medieval city where deep construction for se...

The London Crossrail Project: Desk Study Reconnaissance and Evaluation. Data Sources and Outcomes Liverpool Street a Case Study

This paper looks at how a wide variety of desk study sources, reconnaissance exercises, ground deposit modeling and site testing evaluation methods...

London Crossrail the New Churchyard AD 1569 to AD 1714

In AD1569 a new burial ground was set out in the north of the City of London to cope with the ever increasing demands for burial space within the l...

The Challenges and Opportunities for Mega-Infrastructure Projects and Archaeology

This paper focuses on Crossrail as its case study, whilst referencing other projects in the recent experience of the author. It endeavours to put f...

Crossrail Portals to the Past an Exhibition of Archaeology Finds

As a publically-funded project, a key objective is to communicate the project to our stakeholders and the public at large, in an immediate way. Thi...

Excavation of the Bedlam Burial Ground (AD 1569-1738) for the new Crossrail station at Liverpool Street – a metrical analysis

An in-depth desk study and evaluation trial pits had indicated that this site, just outside the old City wall, preserved a wealth of archaeology. T...