Target Zero

Target Zero is Crossrail’s overarching Health and Safety Philosophy. It is based on three core principles:

  • we all have the right to go home unharmed every day,
  • we believe that all harm is preventable and
  • we must all work together to achieve this.

Target Zero 3 principles, associated 5 golden rules and high risk activities are shared as part of the learning legacy.  These may be of interest to other clients on major projects considering their H&S Strategy.

A learning legacy paper is planned for publication in September 2017 which will capture the evolution of Target Zero and the associated initiatives, messaging and support material over the course of the programme.

A second learning legacy paper planned for September 2017 will review the effectiveness of various contractor behavioural safety initiatives and they have been applied against the Target Zero programme.

Summary Publication date Document Type

Overview of Target Zero

Topic area: Health and Safety improvements

Crossrail’s overarching health and safety philosophy is captured in Target Zero which seeks to embed health and safety culture into all aspects of the project, built upon a firm foundation of robust standards and guidelines.  This learning legacy page sets out the Target Zero principles, the 5 Golden Rules and t...

26/02/2016 Micro-report
Document type: research paper

Effectiveness of Target Zero

Topic area: Health and Safety improvements

(Future release)

The effectiveness of Behavioural health and safety initiatives on Crossrail. The researcher intends to compare and measure the behavioural safety initiatives that are run by the Principal Contractor and how they are applied against Target Zero. Additionally, they seek to assess the extent to which the behavioural safet...

29/09/2017 Research Paper