Get Involved

Who can contribute to the learning legacy?

Anybody who has worked on the Crossrail Programme can contribute to the learning legacy. This could include:

  • Supply chain – all tiers of Contractors and suppliers
  • Framework Consultants
  • Crossrail Integrated Team
  • Sponsors
  • Local Authorities and statutory bodies

Why should you get involved?

The learning legacy is as much about the people as the learning. By sharing learning legacy you become part of the community of experts on the learning legacy website.

What can you contribute to the learning legacy?

Key questions to ask when considering whether you have a learning legacy to share:

  1. Does it add to the body of knowledge on major projects?  Or
  2. Does it raise the bar in your area, eg, is it innovative or insightful?  Or
  3. Can it be shared for use by by another project? ie “pinched with pride”

How to submit a learning legacy document

Once you have identified the learning legacy that you would like to share, download the relevant learning legacy document template from the Learning Legacy framework page and complete the first page including a 200 word abstract.  This should be submitted to for review by the Crossrail learning legacy team.

Once the abstract has been approved, you should submit your full paper using the learning legacy document template guidelines.

When to submit your learning legacy document?

Content will be published on the learning legacy website every 6 months – March and September until March 2019. Papers should be submitted 3 months in advance of the publication date and abstracts 6 months.

Still have questions?

Contact the Learning Legacy Team at