Document type: research paper

Environmental Competencies and Training
(Future release)

Document type: Research Paper
Author: Cathy Myatt MA MSc, Rhian Locke BSc MSc CEnv AIEMA, Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA)
Publication Date: 30/03/2019

  • Abstract

    This is a research project, working with IEMA, other major projects and Crossrail’s contractors to identify the environmental skills/competency requirements of a major project.  This can then be used to develop certified training that can be taken from project to project.  It will cover key roles in both the client body and contractors (e.g. recognising the critical role of the supervisor) and will also inform the contract requirements for future projects by setting clear requirements for competency.

  • Authors

    Cathy Myatt MA MSc - Crossrail Ltd

    Cathy Myatt is the Environment Manager at Crossrail.  She leads the environment function, with overall responsibility for assuring compliance with environmental requirements. Her involvement dates from 2003 and includes preparing and submitting the Environmental Statement and negotiation of environmental requirements through the parliamentary Select Committee. She designed and implemented the project’s EMS and was involved with the procurement and assurance of design and construction contracts.  She has also driven continual improvement on the project using mechanisms such as best practice fora, the Green Line Recognition Scheme and the supplier performance assurance process.  Cathy is also an Associate Lecturer at Birkbeck College, teaching on the MSc in Environment and Sustainability.

    Rhian Locke BSc MSc CEnv AIEMA

    Rhian was the EMS and Performance Manager for Crossrail from October 2011 to 2016. Rhian was responsible for managing and maintaining the Environmental Management System (EMS) to ensure that it complies with ISO 14001 and relevant legal and other requirements. Her duties included reviewing and providing advice on environment incidents and conducting the management review. Rhian also managed the environment audit function and undertook environmental audits of the Crossrail delivery team, its partners and Tier 1 contractors as a lead auditor. Rhian was responsible for driving environment improvements and lead on the environment input to Crossrail’s supplier performance assurance process where she successfully completed five iterations of verification visits. Rhian also managed the environment training programme and developed and delivered environmental training on areas such as the EMR and incidents across the project. Rhian also took on a direct delivery role within the Liverpool Street station site team.  Before Crossrail, Rhian worked for EnterpriseMouchel as a Sustainability Advisor under the Area 3 Highways Agency (HA) managed motorway maintenance contract.