Over Site Development (including route protection)

Bond_Street_Station_ _architects_impression_of_Davies_Street_over_site_development_and_public_realm_143119.jpgCrossrail has integrated designs for 12 major property developments over and around its key central London stations. Development plans cover over three million square feet of high-quality office, retail and residential space.

The receipts from property developments are targeted to generate an income of approximately £500m as part of the core Crossrail funding strategy.

Six development partners are already working in partnership with us and we are seeking partners for the remaining six development opportunities. Planning consent has been obtained for ten schemes  with only one further application to be submitted and a development framework brief under discussion on the final remaining site.

We plan to present learnings from our experience of these processes closer to the conclusion of the Crossrail programme, however details of the over site development portfolio are included in our Places and Spaces property development brochure.

Over Site Development Documents:

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Environmental Assessment of Oversite Developments

Topic area: Environmental Management

This paper explains the Crossrail approach to and process for undertaking environmental assessments to accompany planning applications made for Oversite Development (OSD). The legal context for carrying out EIA for Crossrail OSD is explained with reference to Section 14 of the Crossrail Act (2008) and the methodology a...

27/09/2016 Micro-report