Environmental Requirements


The Crossrail Act received Royal Assent in 2008.  The construction of Crossrail is governed by the Crossrail Environmental Minimum Requirements (EMR) which sets out the measures to control and manage environmental impacts for contractors and others working to design and build the railway.  It was developed by Crossrail working with the relevant Local Authorities and Statutory Agencies.


The EMR includes:

Subsequent to the publication of the EMR, the following documents were prepared by Crossrail and agreed by the relevant Statutory Authorities, in accordance with the requirements.

Environmental Requirements Documents:

Summary Publication date Document Type

Construction Code

Topic area: Environmental Requirements

The Construction Code forms part of the Environmental Minimum Requirements (EMR) for Crossrail. The Code was developed by Crossrail in consultation with local authorities and other relevant stakeholders during the passage of the Crossrail Bill through parliament.    Its purpose was to provide reassurance to stakehol...

26/02/2016 Good Practice Document

Water Resources Strategy

Topic area: Environmental Requirements

The Water Resources chapter of the Construction Code required Crossrail to prepare a strategy for handling water resources issues in consultation with the Environment Agency (EA) that would be based on accepted industry practice.  It also required that the process for agreeing the strategy include liaison and consulta...

26/02/2016 Good Practice Document

Archaeology Generic Written Scheme of Investigation

Topic area: Environmental Requirements

During the planning stages of Crossrail it was noted that there was the potential for finding archaeological remains at many sites across the Crossrail route during excavations and other construction works and that works involving ground breaking and excavation had the potential to result in the physical removal of, or...

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General Ecology Management Plan

Topic area: Environmental Requirements

When the Crossrail Hybrid Bill was introduced into the House of Commons it was accompanied by an Environmental Statement (including the supporting Ecology Technical Specialist Report) which presented the outcomes of the ecological studies undertaken to identify and evaluate the features of ecological interest, the find...

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Crossrail Route Wide Generic Activities Land Contamination Report

Topic area: Environmental Requirements

A contaminated land assessment was carried out as part of the Crossrail Environmental Impact Assessment. The results were reported in the Crossrail Environmental Statement submitted with the hybrid Bill.  A Contaminated Land Specialist Technical Report was produced at the same time to provide further information about...

26/02/2016 Good Practice Document

Environment Webinar – Delivering Projects in Urban Environments:Temporary Construction Noise Control

Topic area: Environment Webinar Series

This is the second in a series of Crossrail Learning Legacy webinars focused on the Environment Theme, hosted by our partners at CIRIA and IEMA. It describes how Crossrail has worked in collaboration to mitigate and manage noise and vibration in a major infrastructure project. Crossrail delivers new stations and railwa...

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Section 61 Consents Guidance Note

Topic area: Noise and Vibration

This paper sets out the guidance that the nominated undertaker was to adopt when applying for section 61 consents for Crossrail construction works, and also sets out the level of information to be provided in support of section 61 applications. The guidance notes Included templates for section 61 applications, dispensa...

26/02/2016 Good Practice Document
Document type: Good Practice Document

Effectiveness of Environmental Requirements in Works Information

Topic area: Environmental Management

(Future release)

Part 21 of the Crossrail Works Information sets out the environmental requirements for contractors undertaking Crossrail works.   It was developed by Crossrail and was based on the Environmental Minimum Requirements (EMR), plus additional requirements imposed by Crossrail which together ensured that the project was d...

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