Pre-application Consultation

Crossrail carried out extensive stakeholder and public consultation in advance of the Parliamentary process. In 2003 and 2004 over 50 days of exhibitions were held to explain the proposals at over 30 different locations. Over 200,000 invitations were distributed to the properties of residents and businesses along the proposed route.

In addition Crossrail staff attended many meetings with councillors, local residents associations and businesses.

All consultation activities were planned and organised to comply with:

  • the Code of Practice on the Dissemination of Information During Major Infrastructure Developments;
  • the Code of Practice on Access to Government Information;
  • the Cabinet Office Code of Practice on Government Consultations and
  • the Transport and Works Act (Applications and Objections Procedure Rules) 1999 and the associated Guide to Procedures for Applications.

During the pre-Bill consultation, an independent Referee was appointed to whom consultees could make representations if they felt that the Company had not acted according to the Code of Practice on the Dissemination of Information During Major Infrastructure Developments.

The material produced to explain the proposals and the reports of the responses to the consultation will be included here as examples of good practice.  The Aggregated Consultation Report of September 2005 is a useful overall summary.

While government guidance on consultation has developed, including the publication of the recently revised Consultation Principles, other major infrastructure projects may find the Crossrail experience useful.

Pre-authorisation consultation Documents

Summary Publication date Document Type

Aggregated Consultation Report

Topic area: Pre-application Consultation

The results of Crossrail’s pre-application consultation were reported after each consultation round.  This final, aggregated report was published after the Bill was deposited and describes the consultation process as well as the results.  It will be of interest to sponsors and promoters of major projects using ...

30/09/2005 Good Practice Document