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Learning Legacy Framework

Themes and Topic Areas

The learning legacy content is divided into the following 12 themes. These were based on the London 2012 learning legacy themes and then further developed in consultation with industry, aimed at creating an industry standard for future learning legacies.

There are a number of topic areas within each theme. The topic area pages on the website summarise the learning legacy for that topic and link together the relevant learning legacy documents and pages.

Document Types

All learning legacy documents are categorised into the following document types:

  • Good Practice Documents: are documents, templates and processes used successfully on the Programme and shared for use, or modification for use, by future projects and programmes. These are generally downloadable PDFs linked from the topic area pages.
  • Micro-Reports: are short insight reports sharing learning, innovation or good practice from the Programme and published as a learning legacy page on the website. They may be supported by a number of good practice documents.
  • Case Studies: are 6-8 page insight reports including an analysis of what was delivered on Crossrail, how successful it was, lessons learned and recommendations for future projects and programme. Case studies are independently peer reviewed providing assurance that the recommendations for application on future projects and programmes are valid. Case studies are published as a learning legacy page on the website.
  • Technical Papers: capture what was delivered without the in-depth review of performance that the case studies provide. Technical papers are internally reviewed providing assurance that they include sufficient information to add to the body of knowledge on major projects. Technical papers are published as a learning legacy page on the website.
  • Research Summaries: are a summary of research outcomes from research undertaken by an academic institution on the Crossrail programme.

Using the Website

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