Culture, Values and Engagement

Crossrail is an integrated organisation made up of different organisations and individuals. Crossrail created a unified culture across the organisation made on a shared Vision, Mission and Values which is captured in a booklet – Together We’re Moving London Forward. A learning legacy paper on Vision, Mission and Values reviews Crossrail’s development of a new organisation Vision, Mission and Values to meet the needs of the construction phase of the project.

Crossrail focused on Employee Engagement to bring the Vision, Mission and Values to life. Crossrail’s main engagement goal was to inspire people about the Vision, Mission and Values and help them understand that Crossrail is much more than a railway. Crossrail regularly engaged with project-based staff, contractors and head office staff with a multi-channel communication approach.

Crossrail also regularly assessed employee engagement levels and what it is like to work at Crossrail through the Big Dig employee survey. The learning legacy paper on Employee Engagement reviews Crossrail’s approach to developing high-levels of employee engagement through multiple channels across an integrated team with multiple sites.

Culture, Values and Engagement Documents:

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Vision, Mission & Values

Topic area: Culture, Values and Engagement

This micro-report sets out Crossrail’s lessons learned from creating and launching a new vision, mission and values across an integrated team and bringing them to life. The micro report concludes the importance of ensuring that there is sufficient time to consult with staff before developing and launching a new visio...

27/09/2016 Micro-report

Employee Engagement

Topic area: Employee engagement

This micro-report outlines Crossrail’s lessons learned on effective employee engagement across an integrated team of multiple sites and multiple partners. It highlights the benefits of including contractor staff as a key engagement audience. The micro-report describes the tools employed, the outcomes achieved and con...

27/09/2016 Micro-report