Land Management and Estates

Figure 3 – Identification of Assets, Trespass and Fallow Land

Crossrail has set up an Acquisitions team to acquire land and property, both on the surface and subsoil, and an Estates team to manage the land while it is Crossrail’s responsibility. This topic area includes papers explaining the processes used to manage a large acquisition programme, to communicate sensitively with owners, to take possession, and to record, secure and manage the construction estate.



Land Management and Estates Documents:

Summary Publication date Document Type

Land Acquisition for Crossrail

Topic area: Land Management and Estates

The land acquisition process undertaken for Crossrail has been amongst the most complex ever undertaken in the UK, given the extent of the project from Reading and Heathrow in the west through to Shenfield and Woolwich to the east and south east of London, and including two 21km tunnels through the heart of the west en...

09/07/2018 Micro-report

Physically Managing Possession of Land and Property

Topic area: Land Management and Estates

This paper identifies the implications and practical solutions on how best to take possession of land and property using Parliamentary powers and successfully manage that land during the course of a major project. It identifies who needs to be involved in the lead up to and delivery of possession, highlights what to av...

19/09/2017 Micro-report

Managing the Largest Construction Estate in Europe

Topic area: Land Management and Estates

This paper explains how estate land and property is successfully managed throughout the life of a major construction project. It will briefly touch on the control measures used to track, record and account for a change of contract activity over a large footprint in excess of 5 million square metres. It will summarise h...

19/09/2017 Micro-report

Organising the Crossrail consultation programme

Topic area: Pre-application Consultation

This case study explains how Crossrail ran the pre-authorisation consultation process, including setting the strategy, identifying consultees, communicating with property owners, what guidance existed and was used, establishing a helpdesk and a stakeholder database, production of material, resourcing and briefing engin...

13/03/2018 Case Study

Workflows for Managing Land and Property Information

Topic area: Information Management and Technology

Crossrail needed to acquire and manage large areas of land during the Crossrail project, the purpose being to construct a new railway through Central London. This micro report outlines how the spatial element has been central to the management of this land from purchase and occupancy by a multitude of contractors, thro...

27/09/2016 Micro-report

Mobile mapping for land management

Topic area: Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

A mobile GIS solution was deployed by Crossrail using easily customisable apps on mobile/tablet devices. Site boundaries and land ownerships were verified during Crossrail construction works to ensure health and safety regulation was adhered to. A cloud-based central repository ensured both site and office users had th...

26/02/2016 Micro-report

Information Gathering leaflet

Topic area: Pre-application Consultation

Crossrail needed to make enquiries to establish land ownership, and carry out ground investigation at the earliest stages of scheme development, before public consultation. This leaflet was created to explain the project and provide contact details to members of the public who were impacted by those information gatheri...

01/05/2003 Good Practice Document