Responsible Procurement

ENV12_Fig 01 Site Construction Vehicle 1.jpgCrossrail has also sought to ‘raise the bar’ across a number of broader industry areas with specific requirements around Strategic Labour Needs and Training  (‘SLNT’), economic sustainability and environmental performance.

Together with requiring ethical sourcing practices, workforce welfare and community benefit these requirements are set out in the Crossrail Responsible procurement policy



Responsible Procurement Documents:

Summary Publication date Document Type

Ethical Sourcing of Construction Products

Topic area: Sustainable Procurement

The Crossrail commodity sheets were developed by Crossrail and its tier 1 contractors to address a gap in the information available on the ethical status and considerations in purchasing key materials for the project. Having had input from some of the major UK contractors they provide a valuable resource to the industr...

18/04/2016 Good Practice Document

Fair Payment and Project Bank Accounts

Topic area: Project and Programme Management

This paper describes the use of Project Bank Accounts on the Crossrail project to encourage fair payment and protect subcontractors. It would be of interest to any project looking to ensure they set up processes to pay their contractors and sub-contractors fairly and in a timely manner, in line with best practice as re...

09/07/2018 Micro-report

Social Sustainability Working Group Terms of Reference

Topic area: Employment and Skills

A joint Social Sustainability Working Group was first established in 2014. The participants were Crossrail staff and Tier 1 contractor representatives involved in the day-to-day management of Social Sustainability [1] issues at site level, including implementation of Crossrail requirements relating to: Strategic Labou...

27/09/2016 Good Practice Document


Topic area: Employment and Skills

This case study outlines the apprenticeship initiatives adopted by Crossrail as part of its Skills and Employment Strategy, including imposition of contractually-binding apprenticeship targets. It describes some of the main characteristics of contractors’ apprenticeship arrangements and explains how Crossrail’s pri...

27/09/2016 Case Study

Sustainability Strategy

Topic area: Sustainability Strategy

The sustainability strategy for delivering the Crossrail programme sets out the key sustainability themes that are material to delivery of the project and identifies key performance indicators to be used to track performance. The strategy adopts a holistic approach, taking a balanced view on environmental, social and e...

26/02/2016 Good Practice Document