Health and Safety Management System

HS Diversity Pic2.jpgCrossrail Limited operates a health and safety management system which is certificated to BS OHSAS 18001:2007.

The Crossrail health and safety management system sets out the arrangements for managing the health and safety risks to Crossrail Limited’s employees as well as establishing minimum standards for its contractors.  The contractors minimum standards are set out in the Health and Safety Standard for Contractor and Industry Partners.

In addition to this standard Crossrail and its industry partners initially all signed a Health, Safety and Environment Agreement setting out key leadership behaviours that would be demonstrated by signatories. Contractors too initially signed the agreement to demonstrate their commitment to HSE. Although Health & Safety and Environment are now treated separately, the underlying principles of the HSE agreement remain.

As a subsidiary of TfL Crossrail Limited has adopted the TfL Health, Safety and Environment policy as well as developing an enhanced Crossrail Health and Safety Policy.

Health and wellbeing is also a key focus for Crossrail and this message has been delivered to the contractor community by setting occupational health and wellbeing minimal requirements based on the Crossrail Occupational Health Standard.

Health and Safety Management Documents:

Summary Publication date Document Type

Health and Safety Standard

Topic area: Health and Safety improvements

A Crossrail Health and Safety Charter was developed alongside industry partners and stakeholders to set out Crossrail’s expected standards for health and safety. This includes an Agreement which set out a number of key leadership behaviours and values, which underpinned Crossrail’s shared determination to d...

26/02/2016 Good Practice Document

Healthy By Design

Topic area: Health and Safety improvements

This guide was developed to aid healthy design choices enabling designers to meet legal responsibilities, work in accordance with Crossrail policies and ethical codes of conduct as required by bodies such as RIBA, ICE, etc. The guide aims to be a practical tool as well as providing detailed background information. It a...

26/02/2016 Good Practice Document

Overview of Target Zero

Topic area: Health and Safety improvements

Crossrail’s overarching health and safety philosophy is captured in Target Zero which seeks to embed health and safety culture into all aspects of the project, built upon a firm foundation of robust standards and guidelines.  This learning legacy page sets out the Target Zero principles, the 5 Golden Rules and t...

26/02/2016 Micro-report