Information and Compliance Management

Information and Compliance covers the routine use of the Crossrail Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) by all relevant stakeholders, the periodic checking of documents in the EDMS for compliance against the Performance Assurance Framework and the planning of progressive handover of information to the Infrastructure Managers (LUL/RfL/NR). The Handover Information Team will ensure that the appropriate methods and processes are clearly defined to create a consistent and uniform approach to information handover. In addition this team will identify the non-technical information for stakeholders who will receive the Crossrail corporate business deliverables and the processes for capturing that information for handover.

The Compliance team monitors the quality, accuracy and progress of the activities relating to Hand back from a contractor to Crossrail. An Employer’s Contract Completion Certificate is used to close out each individual CRL delivery contractor’s works. Part of this process is a series of checks and questions which the contractor must demonstrate have been fulfilled to demonstrate completeness and quality before the final sign off of the contract.

Learning Legacy papers show how both the Handover and Compliance teams planned the capture of the deliverables from different contractors providing information against the railway Element as well as Crossrail-produced information such as technical assurance (CARE) Deliverables and corporate information from Land and Property, Legal, Financial and Commercial Department activities.

Information and Compliance Management Documents:

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Information Handover Principles

Information Handover Principles

Topic area: Information Compliance

Previous examples of large railway infrastructure projects have been handed over to the infrastructure managers with supporting information presented in paper and CD-ROM format. This paper will describe the innovative approach that Crossrail took to creating a Digital Railway while the Physical Railway was constructed....

26/02/2016 Case Study
Project Information Compliance Principles

Project Information Compliance Principles

Topic area: Information Management and Technology

The Crossrail project has generated in the region of 15 million pieces of highly complex documented information. Having a well structured and rigorously controlled information environment that facilitated a smooth flowing information environment was critical to the Crossrail programme.  It helped ensure that the right...

27/09/2016 Case Study