Employment Relations

Crossrail sought to establish an effective framework for contractors’ management of employment relations on the project. A planned learning legacy paper on Major Project Employment Relations will review the main elements of this approach.

Consistent with its commitment to provide wider economic and social benefits, Crossrail also committed to observe, as a minimum, the London Living Wage for its own employees and required contractors to do likewise. A learning legacy paper on Implementing the London Living Wage reviews its implementation as a minimum hourly rate of pay across the Crossrail programme.

Employment Relations Documents:

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Implementing the London Living Wage

Topic area: Employment Relations

This paper describes the steps taken to ensure implementation of the London Living Wage as a minimum hourly rate of pay on the Crossrail programme. It also outlines key lessons learned from this experience, and recommendations for other major project clients who might be considering implementing similar requirements in...

26/02/2016 Case Study