Supply Chain Management

A project as complex as Crossrail needs a vast supply chain and the interaction with, and management of the contractors involved, required careful management. Monitoring and data collection were key elements and the Learning Legacy papers below demonstrate how this element of the project was successfully managed.




Supply Chain Management Documents:

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Supply Chain Data Management and Control

Topic area: Supply chain management

Effective and accurate monitoring of the risk profile of a huge and diverse supply chain on a complex project requires the ability to collect data and store it in a safe and reliable place. For many people an Excel spreadsheet is the first, and only, choice. The Crossrail supply chain team question whether that really ...

27/09/2016 Micro-report

Effective and sophisticated supply chain intelligence

Topic area: Supply chain management

During the Crossrail project the Programme Supply Chain Team closely monitored the Tier 2 supply chain. This activity saw the team monitoring all ‘critical’ packages across every site, seeking to identify potential financial and capacity risk. However, although this worked well, there is an argument that narrower, ...

27/09/2016 Micro-report

Fair Payment and Project Bank Accounts

Topic area: Project and Programme Management

This paper describes the use of Project Bank Accounts on the Crossrail project to encourage fair payment and protect subcontractors. It would be of interest to any project looking to ensure they set up processes to pay their contractors and sub-contractors fairly and in a timely manner, in line with best practice as re...

09/07/2018 Micro-report

Engaging the Supply Chain in Risk Management

Topic area: Risk Management

Managing risk and uncertainty was identified as being a  critical element from the start of the Crossrail project. The size, complexity, nature of the works, and ‘thin client’ operating model resulted in a requirement to extend risk management into the supply chain. This paper describes the process of doin...

14/03/2017 Micro-report

Communication of Results, Feedback and Performance Improvement Planning

Topic area: Audit & Assurance

Performance data is generally kept within the project or programme landscape to aid decision making and understanding of project risk.  Crossrail’s approach was to share data through a multitude of channels, both internally and externally ,leading to stimulation of competition and promoting innovation to support a c...

26/02/2016 Micro-report