Crossrail’s Learning Legacy partners are holding events to disseminate the learning legacy. These include webinars, conferences and seminars.  See below for upcoming events.

Project Controls Expo 2017

Date: 16-11-2017 8.00am- 6.45pm

Location: Emirates Stadium, London, United Kingdom

Speakers: Richard Palcyznski

Event Type: Conference

Organiser: Project Controls Online

This show is an important event for those working within the spectrum of Projects Controls not just from an educational perspective but also in terms of building a network and exploring career opportunities. It brings together practitioners, employers, customers and suppliers together to share knowledge, experience, best practices, career development and software tools. Practitioners & employers (including sponsors) will benefit from a variety of training, technical and managerial presentations from some of the industry’s best experts.
Richard Palcyznski, Crossrail’s Director of Programme Controls, will be presenting on:
Governance and the art of decision making on Crossrail”.
In Brief:
Crossrail is widely regarded as an exemplar in the world of programme management. But what makes this the case? Richard has been on Crossrail for over 2 years and has a unique insight into how the programme is run, what drives decision making, how the organisation challenges itself and how, with only a year left (at the time of the Expo Conference) to opening the main central section to the general public, Crossrail is positioned to deliver on its promises to London.

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