Asset Information

Asset Information encapsulates all information and data that supports the life of assets plus all enablers including asset inventory, classification of assets, attributes of these assets, location and spatial information of assets, relationships between assets, design models (including schematics, 2D, 3D and 4D CAD models and related data), documents, drawings and records of assets and systems including test certificates and photographs etc.

A number of learning legacy papers have been developed to examine the implementation of some the aforementioned areas with a particular focus on enabling and delivering quality asset information requirements to support the whole life of the Crossrail assets.


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Crossrail Asset Data Dictionary

Topic area: Asset Information

Asset Breakdown Structure – Classification and Functions Asset intensive organisations need to have a clear specification of how assets are classified, i.e. grouped into similar types, what these classes do/don’t represent and the attributes that should be collected for each class of asset. Typically, this grou...

16/08/2018 Good Practice Document

Crossrail Asset Information Guide

Topic area: Asset Information

Delivering a complete, detailed set of Asset information to support the operations and maintenance of the Elizabeth Line is one of Crossrail’s major challenges. The guide in the document links below provides simple guidance on the key activities to make this happen. In addition there are a suite of further documen...

09/07/2018 Good Practice Document

Crossrail Operations and Maintenance Information Guide

Topic area: Asset Information

For the efficient operations and maintenance of the Elizabeth Line, it is essential that all O&M material be submitted in a structured and accessible format to enable the information to be related to relevant assets. Crossrail developed a unique O&M development process which will ensure that the infrastructure ...

09/07/2018 Good Practice Document

Better Information Management to Optimise Whole Life Business Decisions

Topic area: Asset Information

Crossrail is essentially building 2 Railways; 1 Physical and 1 Virtual. 500,000 assets and their related asset information are recorded in the Crossrail Asset Information Management System (AIMS). These range from large concrete structures, to power and ventilation systems, to complex signalling and communication asset...

09/07/2018 Technical Paper

Crossrail Project: Application of BIM (Building Information Modelling) and Lessons Learned

Topic area: Project Information Management

Between 2008-12, Crossrail Limited (CRL) established the main elements of the programme information environment, part of which is now known as Building Information Modelling (BIM).  This paper describes a number of the initiatives used to exploit the opportunities BIM technology can bring to design and construction. T...

09/07/2018 Technical Paper

Crossrail: Building a Virtual Version of London’s Elizabeth line – The Development of the BIM Environment

Topic area: Project Information Management

The Crossrail project to deliver London’s new Elizabeth line involves building two railways: a virtual one and a physical one. The virtual version was used to facilitate design, construction and subsequent operation of the physical version, and they had to be achieved together. This paper describes the development of...

25/09/2017 Journal Publication

BIM Metrics

Topic area: Project Information Management

The way information was managed in projects in the past wasn’t adequate for the complexity of Crossrail.The complexity of the project places pressure on management to better understand how to identify, select, measure and report on multiple, integrated metrics. The ultimate purpose of metrics is not to provide more i...

14/03/2017 Micro-report

Information Handover Principles

Topic area: Information Compliance

Previous examples of large railway infrastructure projects have been handed over to the infrastructure managers with supporting information presented in paper and CD-ROM format. This paper will describe the innovative approach that Crossrail took to creating a Digital Railway while the Physical Railway was constructed....

26/02/2016 Case Study

BIM Review Article

Topic area: Building Information Management (BIM)

BIM review: The use of open and shareable asset information in the form of BIM. Opinion article published in Q2 2015 of Rail Review magazine sharing insight and knowledge on the development and use of BIM and identifying the benefits that can be gained and how it has been incorporated on the Crossrail Project. The full...

01/06/2015 Journal Publication