Mechanical, Electrical and Public Health (MEP) Engineering

The latter part of the Crossrail programme is characterised by installation of railway systems and building services. The design and installation of the Mechanical, Electrical and Public Health aspects of the scheme has been managed similarly to the Civil Engineering although contractors have had a larger role in the design process.

To ensure that the Contractors at each location produce their designs to a common theme, the Crossrail MEP Team have produced a series of Technical papers and guidance documents. These ensure best practice is followed with an emphasis on operability and maintainability.

Also, from this year a greater proportion of papers presented to the Technical Papers Competition will relate to MEP design and construction and those will also be listed below.

Further case studies and micro-reports will be produced separately on key subjects such as uninterruptible power supplies, installing platform edge screen systems in proximity to overhead electrification equipment, and designing spaces and systems to avoid or cope with emergency situations such as fires.


Summary Publication date Document Type

Repurposing of Grout Shafts

Topic area: Environmental Design

Crossrail investigated potential long term uses for the temporary grout shafts excavated to enable mitigation of ground settlement.  This micro-report and supporting documents explain the options that were researched, why they could not be implemented by Crossrail and recommends that future projects consider such repu...

31/10/2016 Micro-report

The Use of Shape Accel Array for Monitoring Utilities during Urban Tunnel Drives

Topic area: Civil Engineering

The protection of third party assets with reliable monitoring instruments is essential for the running of a successful urban tunnelling project. With a twin bore tunnel being excavated below the Ranelagh Sewer, in Paddington for the Western Tunnel drive of Crossrail, a reliable method was required to measure displaceme...

03/11/2014 Technical Paper

Royal Woolwich Arsenal – Crossrail Box Sewer Diversion

Topic area: Civil Engineering

In a unique arrangement Berkeley are collaborating with Crossrail Ltd (CRL) to deliver the Royal Arsenal Woolwich Station Box. In order to construct the Box initial ground investigation was required as well as site clearance and multiple utility service diversions. The most complex of the utility diversions was the div...

03/11/2014 Technical Paper

The Protection of the 400kV Cables at Pudding Mill Lane

Topic area: Civil Engineering

The ground movement assessment and associated mitigation measures for the National Grid Electric 400kV power cables at Pudding Mill Lane, has been the subject of extensive debate and analysis since the commencement of the Crossrail project. These power cables are very sensitive to ground movement and hence elaborate sc...

03/11/2014 Technical Paper