Talent and Development

Crossrail is committed to developing its staff to meet the needs of the project and ensuring staff have the skills required to undertake their roles effectively.

Talent and succession planning allows Crossrail to consider the integrated team’s talent pipeline and identify development opportunities for staff so that when the time comes, they are prepared and ready to progress.  A learning legacy paper on Talent and Succession Planning reviews Crossrail’s approach to talent and succession planning across an integrated team to secure the programme’s delivery.

Crossrail is committed to developing the next generation of leaders through the Crossrail Leadership Development Programme. The programme is targeted at individuals who are in, or are soon to be in a management role, to make sure they have the skills to be an effective leader. A learning legacy paper on the Crossrail Leadership Development Programme outlines Crossrail’s approach to developing leadership talent within an integrated team.

Crossrail provides a range of learning and development opportunities to its staff to build the workforce capabilities, skills and competences required on the programme. A learning legacy paper on Learning & Development reviews Crossrail’s approach to learning and development across the integrated team. Crossrail’s Learning & Development Policy has been shared alongside this learning legacy paper.

Talent and Development Documents:

Summary Publication date Document Type

Learning & Development

Topic area: Talent and Development

This micro-report outlines Crossrail’s approach to learning and development including internal and external training; mentoring; access to a learning and development library; work shadowing; and leadership development. The report concludes with the importance of offering a wide range of development opportunities and ...

27/09/2016 Micro-report

Crossrail Leadership Development Programme

Topic area: Talent and Development

This micro report provides an overview of Crossrail’s approach to leadership development. The micro report concludes: the importance of ensuring targeting invitation to participate in the programme; establishing clear rules for engagement; facilitator consistency; and make a recommendation to future projects to consi...

27/09/2016 Micro-report

Talent & Succession Planning

Topic area: Talent and Development

This micro-report provides an overview of Crossrail’s approach to talent & succession planning which is targeted at increasing organisational resilience, understanding the organisational‘bench-strength’ and increasing the availability of experienced and capable people that are prepared to assume roles as they...

27/09/2016 Micro-report

Young Crossrail Programme

Topic area: Youth Engagement

Since 2005, Crossrail has run a STEM schools engagement programme called Young Crossrail. Between 2013 and 2016 this programme engaged with 44,000 young people, teachers and parents across 350 schools, colleges and universities reflecting a strong engagement culture. This case study provides an overview of the programm...

27/09/2016 Case Study

Quality Training Material

Topic area: Quality

Crossrail worked with the British Quality Foundation to develop a’ Spot-On’ training course to improve the effectiveness of the Non-Conformance Reports (NCR) process across the programme and create a culture where issues are reported allowing them to be dealt with in a controlled, transparent and efficient manner. ...

26/02/2016 Micro-report