Emergency Services Liaison

Traditionally construction projects have only had dealings with the Emergency Services when they have needed to call them out for inspections, incidents or similar events. Crossrail has taken the approach that constant liaison with the Emergency Services will ensure that their requirements are met during construction works. In addition they have provided advice and guidance on design requirements that would make it as straightforward as possible for them to deal with issues arising once the railway is operational. Both the Metropolitan Police Service and London Fire Brigade have officers seconded to Crossrail to support activities including ensuring that sites are secure and as fire-safe as possible.

This learning legacy includes lessons learned and recommendations for future major projects from both the London Fire Brigade and the Metropolitan Police Service.


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Crossrail LFB Emergency Services Liaison

Topic area: Emergency Services

The London Fire Brigade have officers seconded to Crossrail to support activities ensuring that sites are as fire-safe as possible. This paper discusses lessons learned from the London Fire Brigade on collaborative working with Crossrail and recommendations for future major projects as well as sharing the various requi...

24/10/2017 Case Study

Crossrail’s approach to Police liaison

Topic area: Emergency Services

Having a serving police officer attached to the project allowed Crossrail to have a single point of contact for all police liaison across 16 Metropolitan Police Boroughs and 6 Police Services. High levels of collaboration were evident from all of the project contractors and other stakeholders. This paper outlines the r...

14/03/2017 Micro-report

Fixed Fire-Fighting Systems

Topic area: Mechanical, Electrical & Public Health

Due to the size and complexity of the new Crossrail transport system, providing a compliant BS 9990 fixed fire-fighting system has its challenges to provide and assist the fire brigade, as well as protection for emergency personnel. Crossrail require installation of a fixed fire-fighting system in all Central Stations ...

30/09/2017 Technical Paper

Fire Alerts

Topic area: Health and Safety Assurance

The learning from this partnership has been used by Crossrail and the LFB to produce fire safety guidance bulletins for contractors, and publications free of charge for the wider construction sector to inform fire safety standards around the world. Below are a selection of Health and Safety Alerts that were developed s...

14/03/2017 Good Practice Document