Project Information Management


Bringing different types of information sources – documents, drawings, 3D models and asset information – together is, from a project management perspective, a key function. It is critical to ensure we have the right things in the right place in time for handing over to the railway operators and maintainers. The Learning Legacy includes a set of papers that present our approach to Project Information Management, the use of information metrics and the creation of an Information Academy. All of which illustrate the importance of creating the right understanding of information as a key project asset, and the need to engender the right behaviours from people who create and use it.



Project Information Management Documents:

Summary Publication date Document Type

Crossrail: The Development of the BIM Environment

Topic area: Project Information Management

The Crossrail project to deliver London’s new Elizabeth line involves building two railways: a virtual one and a physical one. The virtual version was used to facilitate design, construction and subsequent operation of the physical version, and they had to be achieved together. This paper describes the development of...

25/09/2017 Journal Publication

Crossrail BIM Principles

Topic area: Project Information Management

The purpose of this document is to outline the principles of what a Building Information Modelling (BIM) environment is to Crossrail; the benefits, impacts and implications it brings; and how Crossrail will exploit the opportunities of changing technology and migrate data to the Infrastructure. It includes sections on;...

14/03/2017 Good Practice Document

BIM Metrics

Topic area: Project Information Management

The way information was managed in projects in the past wasn’t adequate for the complexity of Crossrail.The complexity of the project places pressure on management to better understand how to identify, select, measure and report on multiple, integrated metrics. The ultimate purpose of metrics is not to provide more i...

14/03/2017 Micro-report

Information Academy

Topic area: Project Information Management

In order to create the world class outcomes Crossrail desires, it required world class inputs; therefore having project team members, contractors and the supply chain to understand the Technical Information (BIM) strategy of Crossrail was imperative. The Crossrail-Bentley Information Academy encourages the delivery of ...

26/02/2016 Micro-report