Overview of Target Zero

Document type: Micro-report
Author: Crossrail Ltd
Publication Date: 26/02/2016

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    Crossrail’s overarching health and safety philosophy is captured in Target Zero which seeks to embed health and safety culture into all aspects of the project, built upon a firm foundation of robust standards and guidelines. This learning legacy page sets out the Target Zero principles, the 5 Golden Rules and the High Risk Activities. These have been updated at key stages in the programme delivery to reflect the changing risks and are based on the systems and fitout phase.

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    Crossrail’s Safety Ethos

    Safety is Crossrail’s number one value. Nothing is so important or urgent that we can’t do it safely.

    Target Zero – A State of Mind, is our key to ensuring a world class Health and Safety standard across the programme, protecting the work environment and keeping everyone safe. Crossrail has entered the next phase of the project, and Target Zero has been updated to reflect this.

    Watch the Target Zero Video


    The Golden Rules have been created in partnership with the Crossrail workforce. The shared aim is to provide a common set of behavioural rules that underpin safe and healthy working. The rules were set to provide clear and concise direction and to inspire people to take greater personal responsibility for health and safety.

    Download Target Zero Improvement Plan 2015-16


    Target Zero is based on three core principles:

    • We all have the right to go home unharmed everyday
    • We believe that all harm is preventable
    • We must all work together to achieve this


    The Golden Rules focus on the daily behaviours that are common across all our activities.

     Golden 1Pic.png

    Respect the basics

    ·         Turn up fit and ready for work

    ·         Plan and prepare for your task safely

    ·         Observe pedestrian routes and signage

     Golden 2Pic.png

    Assess the risks

    ·         Know your evacuation routes

    ·         Stop, report and discuss if things change

    ·         Consider the health impacts of every task

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    Check the site

    ·         Keep all walkways clear

    ·         Look out for hazards – don’t walk by

    ·         Keep your work area tidy

     Golden 4Pic.png

    Follow site requirements

    ·         Follow all site rules

    ·         Stick to safe systems of work

    ·         Do not enter exclusion zones

     Golden 5Pic.png

    Support each other

    ·         Speak up, if you see anything wrong

    ·         Share your observations at daily briefings

    ·         Always watch out for everyone on site


    High Risk Activities

    There are also specific high risk activities that must be managed in line with the necessary systems of work and permits.

    Our focus is how we conduct ourselves at work on a daily basis: how we think, how we act, what we say and how we look out for each other.

    Nine key activities have been identified as high risk across the Crossrail project. They need to be carefully managed with a higher level of control that is in line with our detailed systems of work.

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