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The Use of Shape Accel Arrays (SAA) for Measuring Retaining Wall Deflection

The measurement of deflection of designed diaphragm walls is critical for near real time information to assess wall and soil behaviour as the inter...

Use of TBM pilot tunnels for large diameter SCL caverns: the benefits, challenges and successes of Crossrail contract C300/C410

A key bid-winning innovation introduced by BAM Ferrovial Kier (BFK) joint venture on the combined Crossrail Contract C300/C410 was the change of se...

Management of Obstructions and Adverse Ground Conditions During SCL Tunnelling Works at Bond Street and Tottenham Court Road Stations for Crossrail Contract C300/410

During construction of the sprayed concrete lined tunnels at Bond Street and Tottenham Court Road Crossrail stations, a number of challenging condi...