Crossrail Equality Impact Assessment

Document type: Good Practice Document
Author: Crossrail Ltd
Publication Date: 16/01/2006

  • Abstract

    The Crossrail project aimed to incorporate good inclusivity practice into the planning, implementation and operational phases of the operational railway. With a project of the size and complexity of Crossrail the timeframe for completion of construction was lengthy. With that in mind, the Crossrail Equality Impact Assessment was developed, working closely with the project sponsors DfT and TfL, with a view to maintaining its relevance throughout the life of the project.

    Following on from the Race Equality Impact Assessment (REIA) and the Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) which were carried out to accompany the Crossrail Bill, the Crossrail Equality Impact Assessment reviewed the project, and project objectives, that could have either a positive or negative impact on identified priority groups and consulted with representative groups. The full Equality Impact Assessment document and associated appendices are included below.

    As well as dealing with those impacted by the project, Crossrail also committed to ensuring that as an organisation it made sure that all aspects of equality and diversity would be protected. The People Strategy and the Equality and Diversity Strategy outline Crossrail’s overall organisational approach to these issues.

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