Environmental Supplier Performance: Civils

Document type: Video
Author: Rhian Locke BSc MSc CEnv AIEMA, Gary O’Brien
Publication Date: 29/06/2017

  • Abstract

    This was the ninth in the series of Crossrail Learning Legacy webinars focused on the Environment Theme.

    This webinar presents an overview of the approach taken by Crossrail to measuring the environmental performance of its tier 1 contractors during the civil construction phase of the project. It describes how the process of Environmental Performance Assurance was developed and implemented and used alongside other assurance mechanisms such as audits, site inspections and processes for reporting and investigating environmental incidents.

    This webinar should be of interest to Clients considering developing a means of measuring the environmental performance of their principal contractor(s) on a construction project, and for Principal Contractors in turn to measure the environmental performance of their supply chain.

  • Authors

    Photo of Rhian Locke

    Rhian Locke BSc MSc CEnv AIEMA

    Rhian was the EMS and Performance Manager for Crossrail from October 2011 to 2016. Rhian was responsible for managing and maintaining the Environmental Management System (EMS) to ensure that it complies with ISO 14001 and relevant legal and other requirements. Her duties included reviewing and providing advice on environment incidents and conducting the management review. Rhian also managed the environment audit function and undertook environmental audits of the Crossrail delivery team, its partners and Tier 1 contractors as a lead auditor. Rhian was responsible for driving environment improvements and lead on the environment input to Crossrail’s supplier performance assurance process where she successfully completed five iterations of verification visits. Rhian also managed the environment training programme and developed and delivered environmental training on areas such as the EMR and incidents across the project. Rhian also took on a direct delivery role within the Liverpool Street station site team.  Before Crossrail, Rhian worked for EnterpriseMouchel as a Sustainability Advisor under the Area 3 Highways Agency (HA) managed motorway maintenance contract.


    Photo of Gary O'Brien

    Gary O’Brien - Costain, Crossrail Ltd

    After 4 years of practical construction experience combined with technical economics and environmental education Gary joined Costain in 2014 as part of the Crossrail C610 systemwide fit-out team. These works required Gary to ensure uncompromised environmental management in line with company, client and regulatory compliance across 42km of single bore tunnels, encompassing 9 central London regulatory authorities and the management of over 42 environmental consents. The focus of the works involved five types of track construction, fire mains, walkways, OHLE, HVLV power and communications, drainage, ventilation, platform screen doors, auto transformer sites and three temporary railheads. In addition to the systemwide experience Gary gained, he now works full time on the construction of the Crossrail C695 permanent railhead maintenance facility. This project involves multiple rail sidings, maintenance and accommodation buildings, installation of track drainage and all permanent utilities and services in line with BREEAM 2013.

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    Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment

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