Pre-Bill Information Round Panels

Document type: Good Practice Document
Author: Crossrail Ltd
Publication Date: 07/02/2005

  • Abstract

    Panels were produced for display and distribution for Information Rounds ahead of the submission of the initial hybrid Bill and then for each of the Additional Provisions.

    These panels were created to give detail of the proposals that were to be submitted to Parliament in the Crossrail Bill in 2005 so that stakeholders could understand them and the changes since the Round 2 consultation and thereby base any petitions on an accurate understanding of the scheme.

    There were a number of generic panels outlining various aspects of the programme and then site specific information was provided for stations, portals, shafts and other proposed works along the route. They were displayed at exhibitions, placed on the Crossrail website, and sent to those who contacted the Helpdesk.

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