Risk Videos

Document type: Video
Author: Rob Halstead
Publication Date: 26/02/2016

  • Abstract

    A number of videos have been produced outlining the importance of risk management to Crossrail and also detailing how it is important for the project to consider the risk strategy when working with contractors and the wider supply  chain.

    Each of the videos are linked below:

    The importance of Risk Management to the success of Crossrail – Rob Halstead explains how risk management has been developed within the organisation and the key lessons learned in implementing a risk management database –ARM. [uploaded 8 October 2015]

    Crossrail Case Study – Rob Halstead explains the importance placed on effective risk management to ensure successful project delivery. Rob details the history of the implementation of risk management processes at Crossrail, and shares practical advice and lessons learned which are be valuable for all types of projects. [uploaded 8 October 2015]

    World Risk Day – Strategies for successful collaborative risk management – Rob Halstead explains how Crossrail has implemented strategies for successful collaborative risk management with contractors and the supply chain. [Uploaded 16 May 2013]

  • Authors

    Photo of Rob Halstead

    Rob Halstead - Turner & Townsend

    Rob Halstead was Head of Risk Management for Crossrail from 2009 to 2016. During that period he led the development and implementation of a comprehensive risk management framework, developing the policy, process, systems and tools required to effectively manage risk on this infrastructure mega-project. He is now a Director of Turner & Townsend Infrastructure.

    Prior to joining Crossrail, Rob worked in various risk management roles at London Underground and Network Rail. Rob has an engineering background, is a member of the Institute of Risk Management and a regular contributor on risk management and quantitative risk assessment and its use in the financial appraisal of major projects.