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Implementing the London Living Wage

This paper describes the steps taken to ensure implementation of the London Living Wage as a minimum hourly rate of pay on the Crossrail programme....


This case study outlines the apprenticeship initiatives adopted by Crossrail as part of its Skills and Employment Strategy, including imposition of...

Achieving Social Sustainability Objectives Through Performance Assurance

In 2012 Crossrail introduced six Performance Assurance Frameworks (PAFs), intended to ensure that Tier 1 contractors met, and preferably exceeded, ...

Employment Relations on a Major Construction Project

This case study outlines differences in the context for employment relations [ER] on some of the largest UK major construction projects, and how th...

Implementing Contractual Skills and Employment Targets

This learning legacy paper first describes the background context for Crossrail’s imposition of contractually binding skills and employment targe...