Commercial Assurance Procedure

Document type: Good Practice Document
Author: Crossrail Ltd
Publication Date: 27/09/2016

  • Abstract

    This document sets out the agreed process for operating Crossrail’s Commercial Assurance Function. The purpose is to provide a clear and consistent overview of:

    • the vision for Commercial Assurance
    • the process of operating Commercial Assurance
    • accountabilities for the implementation of Commercial Assurance

    The scope of commercial assurance spans across the Crossrail Programme, with a particular focus on contracts where Crossrail (CRL) have directly engaged main contractors. Commercial Assurance reviews will be focused on assessing, supporting and ultimately assuring that the delivery teams and 1st tier suppliers working across the Programme are operating to a level of commercial performance that will enable CRL’s cost and commercial objectives to be met; the principal objectives being the achievement of value for money and predictability.

    The aim is to enable a level of sustainable self-assurance to be achieved and demonstrated to the Programme’s stakeholders.

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