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Crossrail UXO Risk Assessment – Pre-empting best practice

Site investigation works undertaken as part of the Crossrail project over the last ten years have involved extensive intrusive works into the groun...

Variation in permeability and dewatering performance for part of the Crossrail route in east London

The Crossrail project is a new underground railway crossing London from west to east. The project involves the construction of 21km of twin bore tu...

The Lambeth Group in the Crossrail Project of London, UK – the geological model

Crossrail will provide a high frequency, high capacity train service serving 40 stations and linking Reading and Heathrow in the west of London, to...

A regional scale groundwater monitoring programme for the Crossrail project: strategy and implementation

Crossrail is a 21km tunnelling project under London from Paddington in the west and Pudding Mill Lane and Plumstead in the east. The entire sequenc...