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Use of linked monitoring systems for asset protection at Finsbury Circus during SCL tunnelling for Crossrail Station.

Underground construction projects in inner city environments inevitably induce surface and sub-surface ground movements. The detection and manageme...

Realistic Expectations While Monitoring with Networked Robotic Total Station Systems in Live Rail Environments.

The CRL project has dedicated more than £150 Million to the complete life cycle of automated optical monitoring of rail assets. These optically ba...

The use of InSAR (Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar) to complement control of construction and protect third party assets

Instances of the use of InSAR on the Crossrail project are presented in this case study and the process of working with InSAR data via GIS software...

The Thinner Pen Paradox

Proving that something doesn’t exist can be as important as proving that something does exist and the example of perceived noise in monitoring sy...