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The transport and beneficial re-use of Crossrail excavated material

This paper is a version of a paper presented at a conference held by the Italian Tunnelling Society in Verona in May 2014[1]. As such it...

Promoting Positive Environmental Behaviour Change at Crossrail – Lessons Learned from Implementing the Green Line Recognition Scheme

This micro-report describes the approach taken to developing and implementing the Green Line Recognition Scheme. It describes the development of th...

Environment Webinar – Beneficial Use of Excavated Materials

This is the fourth in a series of Crossrail Learning Legacy webinars focused on the Environment Theme, in conjunction with our partners CIRIA and I...

Environment Webinar – The Green Line Environmental Behaviour Initiatives

This is the fifth in the series of Crossrail Learning Legacy webinars focused on the Environment Theme.
The Green Line is Crossrail’s envir...

Managing Construction Noise and Vibration in an Urban Environment

Noise was one of the main impacts and challenges during the construction of the Crossrail project. It was recognised that for Crossrail’s Tier 1 ...

Excavated Materials Story

The construction of the Crossrail project resulted in the generation of over 7 million tonnes of excavated material, of which over 98% was benefici...

Biodiversity Accounting Report

In recognising the importance of understanding biodiversity losses, Crossrail undertook a study to assess and quantify the amount of biodiversity t...

Sustainability of the Elizabeth Line

In this presentation Rob Paris and Lorna Mellings explain how the Crossrail project has impacted a number of different areas of sustainability R...