Health and Safety Impact Video – Barry’s Story

Document type: Video
Author: Crossrail Ltd
Publication Date: 14/10/2016

  • Abstract

    The premise of this film is that you are responsible for your own health and safety. If
    you take dangerous short cuts, you may as well be hurting yourself. Barry is in the end
    pushing himself off the platform by his own actions.

    The short film is shown below and is accompanied by discussion notes that will help the viewer understand the risk.

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    Barry’s Story
    What went wrong?

    Barry was hurrying after making a small lapse, and as a result took a short cut to get his tool belt. He did not move the platform back up, but climbed on the platform to ‘make it quicker’. His colleague didn’t stop him even though she knew what Barry was doing was wrong.

    What would good have looked like?

    Barry’s colleague should not have hurried him while he was working in a high risk environment. She should have been more forthright in stopping him from climbing to get the tool belt. Barry should have looked after himself, not taken a short cut, regardless of his desire to please his colleague and get to his break. All he had to do was use the scissor lift to go up again.

    Discussion Points

    How might you ensure you and your workmates don’t take shortcuts?
    Do you always look out for colleague’s health and safety?
    Do you stop and think about your own health and safety before you do something?

    Possible Discussion Questions

    Q.Why did he push himself?
    A.This scene is intended to symbolise the fact that Barry’s actions were responsible for him falling. It was as if he pushed himself off the platform.

    Q.Why wasn’t he wearing a harness?
    A.Harnesses are not normally mandatory on a scissor lift but even if he had been, the actions he took represent an unnecessary risk.

    Q.Why did he not just go up on the scissor lift?
    A.His ‘short cut’ saved him virtually no time and given the risks, it seems crazy that he did this. However, many accidents happen as a result of such small ‘short cuts’ mixed with a lack of respect for the risks.

    Q.Why does his colleague not force the safety issue?
    A.She is pushed back by Barry, and maybe does not want to make a fuss, but she should not be worried about enforcing the rule.

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