Health and Safety Impact Video – John’s Story

Document type: Video
Author: Crossrail Ltd
Publication Date: 14/10/2016

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    The film uses the term ‘experience may tell you’ to illustrate how easy it is to convince yourself that small breaches of rules won’t lead to you being injured. In the film, you can see two individuals, doing things wrong and each time, they are put right without anyone being harmed. However, John is not so lucky. No one sees him on his phone in time and no one has put the barrier back in place.

    The short film is shown below and is accompanied by discussion notes that will help the viewer understand the risk.

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    John’s Story
    What went wrong?

    This site appears to have a culture where routine violation of basic health and safety rules is common place. This may be due to a lack of perceived consequence from any breach in conjunction with a lack of perceived reward from compliance. As a result, not only has a barrier, separating pedestrians from a vehicle route been removed, but John feels it’s acceptable to wander around site, talking on his phone.

    What would good have looked like?

    Setting and ensuring compliance with basic site rules relating to things such as mobile phone use and physical barrier placement and defined walk routes, as well as speed restrictions would have prevented this accident. Ensuring compliance with site rules can be challenging and fostering the right behaviours among operatives requires thought and effort. A balanced consideration of the application of basic consequences for breaches and tangible recognition / reward
    for following rules and good practice can help achieve this compliance.

    Discussion Points

    Do you have clear site rules relating to such things as use of mobile phones, barriers, speed controls etc?
    Do you always comply with these site rules?
    Do you look out for others and help them to ensure they follow site rules?

    Possible Discussion Questions

    Q.Why were people allowed to behave like this on the site?
    A.On this site, there is clearly a culture where basic rules either don’t exist or aren’t complied with.

    Q.What can be done to ensure people comply with site rules?
    A.Ensuring compliance is always a challenge and there is no single answer. Constant vigilance is required from everyone on site and as mentioned, factors such as the consequence and reward that result from compliance and non compliance should be considered to help influence on site behaviours. It is important that you feel confident to challenge rule breaking and help foster a positive culture.

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