Occupational Health Strategy

Document type: Good Practice Document
Author: Christina Butterworth RN, SCPHN, Hon.FFOM
Publication Date: 30/09/2016

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    A healthy (mental and physical) workforce is essential to the successful completion of any Project. Hence Crossrail committed to improving the quality of the working environment for all individuals employed on the Project irrespective of employer by aiming to provide a healthier workplace, reducing absence, and increasing engagement and wellbeing. Crossrail also have a moral and legal duty not to adversely contribute to an individual’s future health by exposure to health hazards.

    The Occupational Health and Wellbeing Strategy is the umbrella plan to collectively embed and implement the Governments Health at Work strategy and the Crossrail Occupational Health Standard. It was first published in 2013 and following a strategic review in 2015 was updated to reflect the maturity nature of of the occupational health and improvement plans being provided by the supply chain.  The two versions of the document are provided as they demonstrate the evolution of occupational health throughout the life of the Project.

    The documents may be of use to other major projects considering their Occupational Health Strategy.

    Occupational Health Strategy 2013

    Occupational Health Strategy 2016

    Supporting Documents: Occupational Health Standard 2015, Works Information – Health and Safety, Fatigue Policy, Crossrail Drug and Alcohol Policy, Crossrail Drug and Alcohol Implementation Policy, Healthy by design, Health and Safety Annual Report 2016

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    Photo of Christina Butterworth

    Christina Butterworth RN, SCPHN, Hon.FFOM - Crossrail Ltd

    Christina is the Crossrail Occupational Health and Wellbeing Specialist, and is ultimately responsible for leading the organisation’s effort to prevent work related ill health and promote good health and wellbeing at work.
    Working as part of the Health and Safety Improvement team, she provides high level support and advice on evidence based practice and quality standards. Managing the Crossrail health and wellbeing programme and collaborating with our Principal Contractors on targeted intervention and robust process management.
    Christina has had a varied career in occupational health working for a number of large national and international organisations and works tirelessly to continuously improve occupational health and wellbeing. Working with like-minded individuals to provide optimal health for our staff and leadership commitment at all levels.
    Christina joined Crossrail in 2014 and works with stakeholders in the Construction and Rail industries to set standards of good practice.