Programme Controls Webinar – Risk

Document type: Video
Author: Rob Halstead
Publication Date: 22/09/2016

  • Abstract

    This was the fifth in a series of Crossrail Learning Legacy webinars focused on Project and Programme Management hosted by our partners at the APM.
    From an early stage Crossrail recognised that managing risk was critical to the success of the programme. Crossrail implemented risk management across the organisation with three core objectives:
    1. Support the delivery by identifying and managing threats and capturing opportunities;
    2. Provide assurance to internal and external stakeholders that the project understands its significant risks and is actively managing them;
    3. Improve decision making, planning and prioritisation by improving understanding of uncertainty and risk.
    Key to implementing the above was the support of senior management and the authority provided by the Crossrail’s governance through the adoption of an independent sub-committee for the approach to risk management, as well as visibility of performance through a robust set of performance indicators and assurance framework.
    This webinar discusses Crossrail’s approach to risk management and the benefits it brought to the programme.

  • Authors

    Photo of Rob Halstead

    Rob Halstead - Turner & Townsend

    Rob Halstead was Head of Risk Management for Crossrail from 2009 to 2016. During that period he led the development and implementation of a comprehensive risk management framework, developing the policy, process, systems and tools required to effectively manage risk on this infrastructure mega-project. He is now a Director of Turner & Townsend Infrastructure.

    Prior to joining Crossrail, Rob worked in various risk management roles at London Underground and Network Rail. Rob has an engineering background, is a member of the Institute of Risk Management and a regular contributor on risk management and quantitative risk assessment and its use in the financial appraisal of major projects.


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