Station Pedestrian Modelling Archive

Document type: Good Practice Document
Author: Crossrail Ltd
Publication Date: 09/07/2018

  • Abstract

    This archive includes pedestrian modelling reports for each central area station. Reports that have been produced for the outer surface stations are the responsibility of Network Rail. The modelling was required to demonstrate compliance with London Underground Station planning standards and guidelines under the forecast passenger flows in 2026 and at 2026+28%.

    Passenger flow through the stations was modelled using Legion software. The modelling was carried out by consultants as part of an integrated design team. This enabled a holistic approach to design with conflicts resolved within the team and responsibility for the final design lying with the consultants.

    Legion was considered the best available pedestrian modelling software at that time. Legion is a macroscopic pedestrian simulation model. Pedestrians are treated as autonomous individuals, each equipped with a level of intelligence and decision making capability to mimic real pedestrians. Crowd behaviour and patterns emerge as an output from the interaction between individual entities and between entities and their environment.

    In 2011 an extensive audit of the Crossrail station models was completed by the station infrastructure managers (London Underground and Rail for London). After a small number of improvements based on the results of the audit there was a set of Legion models fit for purpose each with an agreed set of assumptions.

    Thanks to this assurance over the technical content of the Crossrail models both London Underground and Rail for London were able to review subsequent modelling reports with confidence and return comments accordingly.

    London Underground’s letter and Rail for London’s report included below summarise the agreed position with regards to the technical audits of the Crossrail station complex models and their associated RIBA E Stage Design Compliance Certificate modelling reports. Where new or existing infrastructure falls short of the standards required by Crossrail Project Functional Requirements (CPFR) mitigation measures are agreed and noted.

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