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How Will Rooms Operate on Loss of Mains Power?

The purpose of this technical paper is to describe the rationale and the evidence used to assess why HVAC Systems should not be supported by Uninte...

Rooms’ Mechanical Design Criteria

This paper is unique in defining the mechanical criteria for all room types that could be anticipated to be accommodated in a station, shaft and po...

Mechanical Design Principles

Every station, shaft and portal on a railway is different.

There is no one place where the needs, aspirations, design criteria and all the d...

Duty & Stand-by Arrangements for VRF and DX Cooling Systems

Electrical equipment can generate heat. Certain rooms containing electrical equipment must be cooled to remove heat and ensure reliability of the c...

Protective Coverings to Services with Thermal Insulation

This paper sets out a unique way of describing the extent of application of physical protective coverings to building services that have a thermal ...

What need for temperature control and ventilation to battery rooms?

Battery Rooms require ventilation and a maintained temperature range. How can the ventilation rate and temperature maintenance be designed to the o...

Verification of the smoke ventilation design using ventilation rates derived from CFD cold smoke simulation

This paper outlines the assurance activities adopted to verify the performance of the smoke ventilation system for the Crossrail station platforms....