Archaeology archive – Pudding Mill Lane

Document type: Dataset
Author: Crossrail Ltd
Publication Date: 19/07/2016

  • Abstract

    This dataset includes desk study, WSIs, and fieldwork reports for works in and around the River Lea.

    Excavations at Pudding Mill Lane portal produced evidence for earlier industry. Several rows of timber posts with wattle frames in between them were found which possibly represent the remains of fish weirs or revetments for a mill race. Radiocarbon dating revealed that the structures were established by the mid-15th century.

    Water mills and fish weirs existed on the River Lea since medieval times and street names such as Pudding Mill Lane reflect this. However, fish weirs had been a problem for other river users for centuries. Historic records of 1571 show that barge owners petitioned the City of London to allow removal of weirs from the river as their numbers were seriously impeding navigation.

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